Educational applications

EdiQue offers technology based applications as part of EDAPPS, to improve productivity & build sustainability for multiple stakeholders and institutes.

English Language Labs & Training Programs

Designed to provide the learners with a robust platform for practical training in learning a language, the English Language Lab (ELL) focusses on all the 04 skills of language learning -
Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

With the use of a Blended Learning approach including both Instructor led Training (ILT) and Computer based Training (CBT), ELL creates a stimulating lab environment for the students to easily grasp the finer nuances of language learning.

ELL can be easily integrated by any school in existing computer labs and does not require additional investment.

Career Counselling Programs

The EDAPPS Career Counselling program is a unique blend of an online psychometric tool and in-person counselling by certified counsellors for students.

The assessment includes over 150 questions across multiple areas – Interest Assessment, Mind-set Assessment and Aptitude Assessment.

Thereafter each student goes through in-person counselling by certified counsellors based on the comprehensive report generated from the assessment. Such a platform provides for valuable guidance to students in selecting appropriate streams in higher education and career options.

Learning Management Solutions

A cloud based platform which enables teachers to curate, share both internal and third party learning resources amongst students with an objective to improve learning outcomes through engaging digital content & assessments.

It further allows teachers to track performance of each student, what is working for them and what needs improvement for a particular student.

Being a plug & play platform, it can be easily replicated across multiple locations for a large education group as well.

Student Tutoring Programs

EDAPPS offers online & offline interactive tutoring programs for students which they can access both within the classroom and beyond at their convenience.

Based on proven techniques of learning such as conceptual videos, adaptive learning and collaborative learning methodologies, they help students prepare effectively for competitive exams and also for their core subjects through supplementary learning material.