STEM & Robotic Solutions

Encouraging students in tinkering and design thinking, we have designed a unique concept which combines the knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through various exhibits, working models and innovative robotic kits. Students can simultaneously learn theoretical and practical applications of different concept here.

Science Centre with STEM Exhibits, Backdrops & Facilitator Manual

Our Science center includes over 130+ exhibits to foster interest for different science subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environment and Mathematics. These exhibits are setup in a specially prepared makerspace for students, depicted to resemble a universe of exploration & creativity.

The exhibits have been meticulously evaluated and selected by an expert panel of academicians to ensure relevant coverage across different grades from 6th to 10th.

The science center comes with a comprehensive teachers manual making it very easy for any science stream teacher to start teaching to students.

Robotic Studio with Integrated Robotic Laptops, pi-top

Equipped with award wining robotic platform, pi-top, our robotic studio includes a comprehensive Inventor's Kit comprising of different electronic components and IoT sensors.

The pi-top comes with modular magnetic rails for attaching different breadboards & multiple sensors to make exciting projects. Preloaded with customized OS and different coding software, students can start programming simple to complex projects.

The robotic studio is also equipped with state of the art rapid prototyping tools including a 3D printer, encouraging students to create prototypes.