Technology Solutions

We offer Classroom & Lab based Technology Infrastructure solutions with an objective to standardize & widen the reach of education delivery for students & teachers alike. Our technology solutions are vendor agnostic, cost-efficient and scalable across geographies.

Computer Labs

Enabling standardized computer education for students, we offer standalone and thin client lab setups on a turnkey basis. These state of the art computer labs come with dedicated IT manpower, power backup and comprehensive project support.

Digital Classrooms

Making classrooms more engaging and interactive, we provide 04 different digital classroom options for the schools. From a unique all-in-one interactivity learning device to high end interactive panels, our digital classrooms come with a host of value add-ons.

Virtual Classrooms

Helping schools overcome issues of teacher availability especially in remote locations, we offer satellite and web based virtual classrooms for standardized teaching. It enables 2-way video & audio interactions between teacher & students.